Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3 Braid Hairstyles for Fall!


I love braides! I always look for fun and easy braides for everyday looks. 
I have watched many videos of "how to's" for different fall looks but I always go back to 
From weddings to homecoming or just that, I need my hair up day, braides are for everyone. One might think that if they have short hair that this is not for them....wrong. That is the cool thing about braids.

See it works! I love being a hair stylist and perusing through the internet and finding 
all the hot, "in" looks. Instead of clients always having to bring in a picture
for that "new" look, I can present to my client the lastest it!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Hair 2015

New Fall Hair Color

What's a season change without a hair-color refresh to usher it in?
Have you heard of the color "Bronde," if not 
your not alone. This color is a mix
of blonde and brown. This, not so new, J. Lo look actually has been around 
for a few seasons without a color name. However, 
stylist are still being asked to create this look for 
their clients all over the world today. She's 
such a trendsetter. This color is not going away any time soon.
Such a fun fall color! The maintenance on
this color is so easy that I foresee this color 
hanging around for a while. While your coloring it's probably a 
good idea to get that new cut to go along with your 
new color. It's a new season, refresh your hair!